Do you have a grungy portrait?

My oldest child recently picked up a talent agent. At least the everyday theatrics and drama is being fortified into something useful :) This talent agency has actually done casting for the Walking Dead (I admitting have never seen the show), and the agent had asked if I had any or could produce any “grungy, dirty” portraits or “something that would fit in an apocalypse film.”  Well, for anyone that has visited my blog in the past knows the answer to that one. So with a quick knuckle crack, I composed the following. What do you think? Grungy?


Come at me, bro



come_at_me-1I took this while setting up for a twilight landscape. I know the reason this bird was posed like this, but he seemed like he  was mocking me.


A necessary reminder…

Daughter: Daddy, can we play in the backyard?

Father: No, it’s a hot mess out there. Been raining all week.

Daughter: I know, Dad.

Father: [...]

Father: Knock yourself out.








Southern Comfort

I hope everyone enjoys the weekend.


Texture Thursday


I know many photography enthusiasts whose shutter-snapping origins reside in child photography. More specifically, they never picked up a camera in a more “serious” manner until they had children. I am one of those. But why is that? Why is it that a child, completely unaware of photography, often catalyzes this burning need in people?  I wouldn’t be surprised to find a DSLR camera on a baby registry these days. If I was to have another child, hell I might register for a nice 24mm prime lens. My only answer to that question is the propensity to preserve a memory which seems to burn the most with parents…i.e. forging a memory.

And the forging, the ability to freeze the moment—even if you are the only one who recalls the moment—it is I believe the root of the matter. While I can revere in the near cataclysmic awe of someone else’s photo—a gaped wonder of the Grand Canyons—and appreciate the beauty of the capture—I know that the exchange will always be a separate event for the photographer that nobody else can see. There is a memory of the event that enhances the photo that only they can see. But memories are rapid, evanescent images in the mind, and without immediate context, are hard to describe for another. The camera can fill in, but I like to explore the former more with the camera. Can you make an image look like a memory? This is something I always try to do in child photography. Make the photos “look” like a memory.


Wordless Wednesday

Mississippi River Moon


Over the weekend, I visited a small town bordering Mississippi and Louisiana for a family reunion. The hotel ended up having an amazing view over the Mississippi River. There was also a boardwalk running down the levee, and I ended up walking out to the spot pictured above. I had only brought my camera and a strap on the trip—so no tripod. But there was no way I could miss out on the bridge symmetry and full moon so I gathered up some rocks on the river bank, hoping to not find snakes sleeping in the dark. I already felt I had been pushing my luck since it was Friday the 13th on a warm summer night—and—at a remote area near water—and—a full moon—and—all alone. The makeshift rock prop worked out, and ended up with zero venomous bites or not being murdered by anyone wearing a hockey mask.

Texture Thursday

Off with the wild things. Hope everyone enjoys their weekend.



With my photo-blogging hiatus, I don’t think I have shown off the newest family member–Oreo–our half white lab, half pitt-terrier—aka a shelter rescue. With three girls, they bugged me about getting a dog for years, but I had staved them off until I ran out of reasons. When we got him from the shelter he was terribly skinny and skittish. He has nearly doubled his weight in the last four months, and is now attached to the hip of any of kid moving about.


Texture Thursday


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