Jimmy Davis Bridge, Bossier City, Louisiana

Photo taken at dusk with my daughter on the Red River. The original wasn’t that great nor the shot, but it has been on my mind since on the following day of taking this photo, to the right of the photo, six teenagers drowned when they stepped into a sinkhole on the edge of a sandbar.

5 thoughts on “Jimmy Davis Bridge, Bossier City, Louisiana

  1. Did you notice this has posted with as a 2010 posting? I was clicking backward and forward wondering how I’d missed so much great stuff until I realised, I was browsing the blog from a year ago!

    1. This was my first post ever, last August in 2010 to the date! Something glichy is going on. I was wondering why all of a sudden you and David were commenting on a year old photo. Did you guys get a notice that this was a new post? Plus, today, when I first opened my blog, it was on this photograph and then when I refreshed the page, it showed my most recent, the night photograph of the courthouse. I wonder if there is a bug with their time stamps when you hit your annual date.

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