Flame flower…

This one took some time. This was shot at Butterfly World in Deerfield Beach, FL. I haven’t a clue to what type of plant is pictured. The original was foregrounded against an entanglement of vines and green leaves. I extracted, slowly, in PS CS4 and then put it against a gray wall. Then I had to make a casted shadow for it, something I’ve never done before. Making the shadow was actually easy, but without any technical art background, figuring out where to put it was just eye/guesswork.

On another note, I hit Lake Bistineau this evening. The lake has been drained so I was able to walk down to where the water once was and get some shots of some amazing cypress trees soaked with spanish moss.

4 thoughts on “Flame flower…

  1. This is gorgeous! I cannot even imagine how long it took you to extract this out! Horrors. Next time you go to a show, bring an 11×14 piece of art paper, or heavy cardboard, and hold that behind the shot!

    That being said, I just adore this and see it blown up and framed on a wall. Sweet piece of art!

  2. “shot” should be “subject.” My blog is about Big Sur, not photographing, but I do put up quite a few shots there. I don’t do the post-processing work you do, though. Mine is usually processed very little. But I love the processing you did here.

    1. I’ll definitely check out the blog. I’m just getting into photography, but I do a lot of graphical stuff at work, so naturally, I’m really into post-processing aspect.

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