August haze

This summer has been inappropriately hot. I’ve spent a majority of my life in the south, but this is the worst I can remember. Last night, it was still 101 @ 9:00pm when I went to the store. I was sitting at the table having coffee with my wife and she said, “It just looks hot outside.” I agreed, easily, but then wondered why it looked hot, about what separated the sunny day outside from others such as a brisk early fall morning before the trees & grass have browned. It’s the summer haze, a white light it seems, that diffuses anything in distance. That’s the best I can describe it, and that’s what I tried to work at in the photo above. This photo was taken in some farmland right outside of town. This was the first time I think I ever purposely worked to reduce the quality of an image when not going for a vintage or aged look.

One thought on “August haze

  1. You certainly succeeded! It does look hot and even thoughthe trees look dusty they are very leafed-out suggesting a more humid climate. I would not want to walk down this road on this day. Too hot!

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