Green’s Alley

Green’s Alley, Shreveport. This marks the start of some more urban photography for me. This also marks a growing frustration with Adobe Lightroom & Camera RAW. While some of the global processing components are strong and intuitive, they lack the fine scalpel approach of Adobe Photoshop. Here, the building suffers a little clarity to trade-off with the sky. Another confusing aspect of this shot is the slight distortion of the building. I’ve learned that natural lens distortion is the usual culprit and is easily adjusted (these days) in post-processing. However, after onsite playback on the camera and a closer look, the building is actually warped (the other side is burned out and collapsed to some degree). I could have magically photoshopped it correct, but to me, that would be the equivalent to straightening out the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

One thought on “Green’s Alley

  1. I know nothing about photography. What I like about this image is the color! The orange and warmth against that blue sky. The heaviness of the shadow in the foreground. The story behind the boarding up.

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