The black and white fixation continues. The title here comes from a book I read when I was kid, Nathaniel, by John Saul (?). I wouldn’t tag it as a great book, but there was this nightmarish old, crumbly barn often depicted in the book that I think of every time I see a similar barn. When bringing this photo into black & white, it was the first thing I thought about.

2 thoughts on “Nathaniel

  1. I haven’t read the book, but upon viewing the photo I thought “DREAMING!” I dream in black and white and this is the surreal appearance I am generaly faced with. Why is it I always approach that dark building? Many times the dream transforms to wonderful thoughts and the beginning the surprises the end. The clouds in my dreams are also like this, as though they could be plucked from the sky! Good one!

    1. Thanks Leslie. The dreamy approach was exactly what I was going after. Once I got the black & white set and the directional lighting for “approach,” there was a little too much contrast and not “dreamy.” In the end I applied a sort of diffusing transparent mask.

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