Day Dream

Pictured above was from the same shoot from previous post, but my daughter had taken her pony tails out. This one was processed much different and I think will be my forward go to for monochrome pics that involve hair or any dominant element with detail. There was little processing involved compared to my other B&W portraits. I switched to LAB color mode in Photoshop. This mode breaks down the picture into 4 channels: Color (original), Lightness, A & B. I briefly touched on A & B in an earlier post. A & B split the color into 2 modes: Green & Magenta and Yellow & Blue. I deleted these channels, which left only the Lightness channel, one based on luminosity. To boot, this quick process nailed the skin perfect and I didn’t have to spend time nit picking since my daughter’s face had Oreo cookie residue all over the place. For those looking for a B&W conversion while preserving detail, deleting the color channels in LAB mode seems the way to go.

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