It’s Time I Say Something

In short, this shot is merely me playing with my new camera. Right on time is my growing like for the unintentional shot, the candid, the chaos photo. Pictured above is one of my cats nosing in on the camera while I was setting up for a macro shot on something else. I had not really set the aperture or exposure yet.  Besides impeccable timing, she covered the shadow letting in only the sunshine near the window to  overexpose half her face, making her look like an all white cat. I noticed the shot later when downloading pictures from my camera. Most everything from that experimental shoot I deleted, save for this unintended, intrusive picture that pervaded pre-settings or a need for any post-production.

2 thoughts on “It’s Time I Say Something

  1. I know, right. One of the things I enjoy about photography is that it combines technicality and creativity, but every now and then, both can become a mute point with a shutter-snap of luck.

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