When all this settles

The subject here was found while wondering under the overpasses downtown. The amount of highway debris in these areas is unbelievable. Tire axles with hubs still attached, ice-chests, BBQ pits, couches, shoes, car doors–on and on—whether lost on a bump or simply tossed. Many have obvious origins, but ones like pictured above, are interesting to think about. Who opens an umbrella in or in the back of a moving vehicle? I’m thinking I might collect photos of all the debris and make one of those weird coffee table books someone gets you for X-mas.

3 thoughts on “When all this settles

  1. Brandon, this is a wonderful pic! And, if other remnants of our throw-away (or, blow-away!) society prove to be as picturesque as the above, then am I to conclude that nature will somehow find a way to turn our thoughtless actions into art?

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