More underpass debris, this one a couch brambled over with weeds. The poet, Forrest Gander, commenting on a Sally Mann photograph depicting a severed tree beginning to regrow, wrote: “So at the border between a tangible and an intangible world, life climbs onto death’s shoulders.” The image and the line returns to me time and time again, especially when I encounter something like the couch depicted above. When I see the earth literally devour something humans have left behind, I always feel a humbleness. The earth will bramble over with biology no matter what we stack on the surface.

5 thoughts on “Brambled

  1. I remeber reading a chapter in a book titled “The World Without Us” that talked about what might happen to New York with no people there. Your photo, above reminds me of that chapter. Good photo. Thought provoking post, Bbrasseaux.

  2. Great find and perfect camera fodder. I don’t think you would ever find something like this in England. The vignetting works well to draw you into the subject matter and adds a sense of time gone by

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