Next in line

Here is another from the foggy, damp & freezing shoot on the river. I really like this place and it is unexpected. A sand bar extends from the point (to the left) for about a half mile. It’s stashed behind a park, and I lived across the street from it for a few months and never knew it was there. To capture the fog I had to use a longer exposure and further turn the exposure down in post-process. I learned quickly that morning that gray, overcast days will overexpose easily despite their darker tonality.

4 thoughts on “Next in line

  1. Thanks, Leslie. So you are a B&W dreamer? I’ve heard many other people say they experience the same. I’ve always been infatuated with B&W photography, and always held a belief that a B&W conversion from color can instantly cast an immediate drama upon the photo and often one towards the surreal. Maybe that’s why the mind sometimes prefers the dreamy landscape of B&W 😉

    1. Every once in awhile I will dream in color. Those dreams are quick visions and I always remember them. There have only been three. All my dreams, other than those, have been in black and white and shadesof gray. They are as you say, surreal but not frightening. It is almost as though I need to see in black and white. I will even gravitate toward paintings that are more monochromatic than vibrant. I love black and white photography!

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