Light Eaters

The holiday season has marched forcibly by and now it’s time for the annual hard drive scrubbing, the photo by photo process of who stays and who goes to the land of the undeveloped which turns out to be another external hardrive so not all is lost. I ‘delete’ mostly in-camera and then tend to hang onto everything no matter how flawed the photo.

I’m still about a season behind, hence another mid-fall photograph. The title here, “Light Eaters,” is prompted by something interesting I recently read about foliage. For the deciduous tree leaves we adore so much in autumn, what we actually witness is a brilliant last hurrah before an inevitable, crumbly death. As bad as this will resemble the Cyndi Lauper cliche, we are allowed an annual glance of their true colors. Chlorophyll dominates the leaf when water is ample, giving these trees their green. When water drops and combined with a sunlight exposure shift, the “true” leaf pigment comes through. Hence the reason the leaves start turning at the top of trees. Without the buffer of chlorophyll they eat up the light and become saturated. What I loved about this photo was the capture of the sunlight cascade, freeze framing this color life boom before ensuing winter. The image here was taken on a small road winding through the back of Lake Bistineau Park. For processing, I had to bring the exposure back down a little, lightly sharpen a few areas of the trees, and warm the white balance up a little due to an overcast sky.

6 thoughts on “Light Eaters

  1. I think the composition in this photo is superb! The warm colors actually enhance the road running through it and I want to be there at this moment. Happy New Year, Bbrasseaux!

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