One New Years project was to organize the heap of images I’ve piled up, and then 1 daughter had a bug bite that abscessed with a staph requiring a surgical drain, then a wave of flu for the others, and then I stuck down with a nasty bug. On top of that, any chance of getting out on new shoots has been derailed by sleets and snows. The weather is nothing to complain about in comparison to rest of the country, it’s just not weather you expect in the deep south or at least so much of it at one time.

Anyway, pictured above is my father-in-laws newest horse. He’s a two-year old and I guess like both of my near-two year olds, likes to chew indiscriminately on objects. I originally planned a B&W development, and prepared the photo by bringing the contrast up and narrowing the color depth to gain a slightly better depth of field. However, I was quite please with how the pre-process came out and decided to stop there.

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