The view

Pictured above, an old silo in the Caspiana area. This silo was missing the roof and had these windows busted out, and busted out in a neat manner. I walked around this place several times and couldn’t trace any makeshift occupancy in the silo. I have no idea why there was a window busted through the side for a view of nearby highway and train tracks. Usually when I tromp through these modern ruins, I can place their decay into perspective. I couldn’t circle a likable history for this window neatly holed through the wall of the silo.

7 thoughts on “The view

  1. I’ve just been wondering through your blog and it has been hugely inspirational to me. I’m new to the whole blogging/posting thing and in seeing your blog I realise now what/where I have been going wrong. Your photo’s are excellent. Thank you. A.Wally

    1. Thanks. That is a flattering comment because I feel like I’ve just been shooting from the hip with this photo blog. I’ve only been wayfaring through this stuff for a few months. The processing side—Photoshop—I have self-taught experience from my job as technical writing and design. On photography, I knew nothing and now only know a little. I look back on my earlier posts and there are dozens of things I would change. Thanks again for the words. I’ve looked at some of your archived “patterns” and was impressed. You’ve got a good eye for bringing out a uniqueness in things people ordinarily pass right by.

    1. One exposure slightly to the right in RAW format. Since I metered the wall for exposure, the background outside the window was overexposed. I used Lightroom’s “recovery” feature to bring that exposure back to a better state and then did a global sharpen that brought the cracks out better.

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