Put em’ up

My jellicle cat, stretched on the hearth again by the fire. I’m starting to believe that their fur coats are all pomp. They are either nested in folds of blankets, stretched out near the fireplace or belly up in sun by the windows. The photo above is also a matter of me staying busy. I decided to take up the Project 365 challenge on Flickr where one shoots and works out a photo a day. I also decided to go another step and make it 365 days of black and white. Click here for Set or:


3 thoughts on “Put em’ up

    1. The street photograph is really good. This is something I haven’t tried for fear of that angry individual, but the expression caught in his face is really good. Can almost see his thoughts coming at you.
      Much Love
      Astra Wally

      1. I haven’t tried any since. It feels too papparazzi for my taste. Walking around the city with an expensive camera and lens hanging around your neck is enough. It’s something I’m going to have to get use to I suppose.

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