Two selves in a dream

Slowly over the last year I’ve been narrowing my interest into two types of processing, black and white and cross processing, exemplified above. In short, cross processing reminds me of the photo albums I flipped through as a child. Most were of pictures from the 70s to 80s and developed from the cheapest cameras. Warm, noisy and contrasting. Most of the photos in those albums of were me and my siblings of when we were toddlers or small kiddos, and I think somehow those tones became tied to memories because they are the ones I see in the mind eye when I recall things from childhood. There is something quietly dramatic to the cross processing, something dreamlike. The photo above is my twin girls, and is a photo of something you have to remember if you ever have twins. 85% of the time it’s biting and slapping but occasionally, for a split second, they will flash the monolithic twin bond.

Side note: My WordPress posting has tapered off some. My 365 Days of Black & White project on Flickr has spread me out some. Here is a link: 365 Days of Black & White. It’s a bit of a challenge if you discipline yourself to the rules: one original post a day of a picture taken that day.

5 thoughts on “Two selves in a dream

  1. Nicely processed. Really does give the impression of an aged print. Reminds me of some of my mother’s old photo albums of us as children. What does cross processing involve? Presumably using a yellow/orange tint, adding some grain and adjusting contrast?

    1. I’ve seen & used multiple methods. Obviously, it has a specific root in film. The method above was done in Adobe Lightroom by “eyeing” it. To get the base I did a split-tone of yellow & blue and then mixing until I got the warmth. Add contrast and grain just like you mentioned. In Adobe Photoshop, you can just manipulate (crossing) the channels and I think there is actually a stock preset in there. If I do it in Photoshop, I switch the mode to LAB and then use curve mask to bring it out.

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