Long Live The Gremlin King

Pictured above is the Gremlin King found subtlety hiding in an old magnolia pod in a street gutter. It’s no Jesus face on a piece of toast so I’m doubting anyone will try to buy it from me for some ridiculous amount of money. Anyway, I would be lying if I wrote that I took this picture because the gremlin looking face caught my eye. I never noticed it until I started post-processing. I almost deleted from my camera because I messed the focus up by trying to hand hold at lower shutter speed (disregard exif data in the left column. I have no idea where it pulled those settings. Every now and then Lightroom gets confused when I import).

Magnolia pods are always interesting because of the teeth/dog toenail looking seeds that protrude from them. Do a Google image search on them and you’ll be surprised that a tree could put out such bombastic and pleasant flowers could also yield such hideous seed pods.

9 thoughts on “Long Live The Gremlin King

  1. Thanks for dropping by. I’ve flipped through your blog. The Grand Canyon pics are breathtaking. I’m definitely moving that vacation destination higher up my queue. I always forget something that grandiose and magnificent is here in America.

  2. Yes yes I see a monster in that… sometimes the shots that look bad in LCD screen of camera, a little post processing like this will lead to a surprising, good shot

  3. Good find, perhaps a portent or omen of some kind? It would have been a shame to have disposed of this little gem. Good conversion to b&w. The camera blur isn’t too detrimental to the overall image, though I suspect you could easily get away with a touch more sharpening.

  4. I love it, LONG LIVE THE GREMILIN KING ! I find myself oddly drawn into this image, the expression on the face (although not a real face) is awesome and it works so well in black and white.
    Much Love
    Astra Wally

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