I wouldn’t be here if I were …

Pictured above, grounds of George Washington Carver High School opened in 1957 and closed in 1973. This encounter was apropos of the spontaneous stumble upon. I had finished up work early today and decided to backroad it to my daughter’s day care with the camera. There was an old house in the nook of a railroad intersection I had wanted to shoot. Found it, took some pictures, and then drove around looking for some other prospects. After some time, I headed back toward the daycare, taking another backroad that I knew at some point would get me to where I needed to be. About two miles down this road, my “abandoned stuff” radar went off when I saw what looked at first to be an old stable brambled over with a thatch of brush and vines. As soon as I pulled into the nearest road slip, I knew I had found something bigger.

I had entered the school from the side, making it hard to decipher what all the structure made. There were uniformed rooms with missing windows and I thought it might be an old slaughterhouse, especially with the place being out in nowhere and surrounded by cattle farms. Once I got inside, it didn’t take long to realize it was a school.

On my immediate right inside the main building was a clown face graffiti with “Go back now” spray painted wildly. Further in the room opened up into an auditorium. From the windows of the shambled auditorium, I could see the breezeway style halls that reminded me much of my elementary school. The picture above is from the auditorium and is where I saw the ominous message “I wouldn’t be here if I were” right above the rusted, bullet-holed desk chair. I shot pictures for about 25 minutes and left. There was a horrible overcast at the time and the rooms were dark. I penciled it in on my long “need to return with x, y & z” list.

To find such a large abandoned construct and one so frequently visited by the amount of graffiti present, I knew I could dig up some kind of information on what exactly I had stumbled upon. Five minutes of Google revealed that I was at a place called “Ellerbe Road Haunted School.” Here is a link to a popular site. Legends and lore of students dying in a fire, a janitor and several students mysteriously disappearing, frequent satanic rituals, bells ringing and child screams in the late night hours, etc. It was all there. Sorry, but I had nothing of note from my encounter except an insane number of honey and bumblebees swarming around on the blackberry bushes blooming on the outside walls. Still though, left behind places always have a ghostly feel to them. This place has likely had more traffic during its death than its life, and paranormal activity or not, one definitely senses a ghosting in there.

There will definitely be more pictures of this place to follow.

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