Stubborn Decay

George Washington Carver High School, aka Ellerbe Road Haunted School. As I’ve started to process the pictures from this shoot, monochrome finishes seem the most befitting and I’ve been digging the warmer, deep contrast sepia tones. The picture here is of the front of the school and I’m standing in the bus circle. The layout and architecture is strikingly similar to my elementary school approximately 250 miles south in the same state. But they were built around the same time period and since this one was state funded, I’m sure there were some crossovers in design.

Over the last several months I’ve tromped through quite a bit of forgotten places with the camera. Homes, stores, farm buildings, slaughterhouses, and now a school. I don’t believe in spooks but can say that these places are always infective, and I guess therefore, technically, haunting. Our constructs, no matter how small, decay stubborn with strong indelibility.


3 thoughts on “Stubborn Decay

  1. Really quite ghostly looking. I have wondered why these places are allowed to stand and just overgrow. Makes me wonder who owns the property and what waste is being made of the land when we can not clean up our waste.To me it is like leaving a pile of dirty dishes in the sink. I have never understood that.
    I like this photo.

    1. I agree, Leslie and I can’t believe the amount of this. Since stumbling across this one, I’ve been doing a little research. There are four abandoned schools, one farm prison, a nursing home, and a mental hospital all within about 80 mile radius here. A pattern I’ve noticed is that these places went defunct and land grabbers (usually cattle or agriculture farmers) buy them up, throw a fence around them, and then let them decay and overgrow. Cheaper than razing them.

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