Food Fight

Cafeteria window of what appeared to be the serving room. This wasn’t one of my favorites from the shoot but when I started black & white processing I noticed for the first time the strange white blobs next to the “Food Fight” graffiti. Although these places have creepy factor by sheer atmosphere, I don’t go for the paranormal activity stuff. Never have and likely never will. What does get under my skin are when ghostie enthusiasts get all fired up over an “orb” from a horribly taken video or photograph instead of embracing the notion of dust motes and minute insects existing in this world, and usually at a higher concentration in woods and abandoned urban areas. Seeing those white blobs made me flip back through the color series of this area. The blobs are blown highlights on the histogram. They appear to be a light refraction, and only exists on this photo. While I’m far from returning with a pyschic median or a ghost buster crew, I will say, “yeah, that’s a little odd.”

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