Another abandoned house on Hwy 1. This one had about two miles of nothing before and after it along the highway, and I imagine it was quite picturesque a few decades ago. The house has the same shotgun floor plan but the facade varies differently than most I’ve came across in this area.  A peek through the window revealed a definite hardhat area and the floor was rotted out. I also heard some kind of animal scurrying for shelter in there. I took a pass on this one and did not enter.

As for processing, I did some color experimenting.  While I’ve been focusing on black and white for the dreamy and darker mood it casts on these abandoned subjects I’ve been exploring, I’m hitting a little B&W burnout. I did process a B&W version but sent it over to my B&W project on Flickr. The one above began with a split-toning. I duplicated and then Gaussian blurred the new layer. Then I masked back and forth to get a sort of diffused vignette. Then I did several tone curve masks to get the lighting and contrast set. Then I layered in one final rectangular vignette.

3 thoughts on “Meltdown

  1. Beautiful shot. I think you got the colours just right. The trees really make the shot though the way they are reaching out over the house. Looks like a run down haunted house to me.

  2. I keep expecting to see a ghoulish face in one of the windows. I like the effect you have, it gives the image a hazy, dream-like nightmarish feel.
    Much Love
    Astra Wally

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