Ever heard of a blinker, Mr. Kansas City Southern train?


Pictured above, a KCS train merges right outside the train yard located under the overpass. (He totally cut me off). I’ve been down to this area a few times to photograph and the weather always plays hell with me. It’s a pretty cool spot because there are a ton of trains moving at slow speeds on the ground and right above two interstates come together creating a canopy of clover leafs, and on & off ramps. But again, nearly every time I carve out some time to get down there the day ends up being horribly overcast. No cloud definition, just one big gray monotone. So on this photo I embraced the flatness and manually clipped the shadows and highlights back using the Levels adjustment layer mask in PS CS4, then a Curve layer mask for contrast (actually two curve layer masks: one for global contrast and a harder contrast one for the foreground), and then I used a Black & White layer mask for the toning. Lastly, once I brought it back into Lightroom, I used a graduated filter to adjust the exposure so that it darkened slightly from the vanishing point of tracks and merging train.

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