Driving Kids Crazy With Cameras

Pictured above, my oldest daughter fussing me about taking a picture instead of paying closer attention to her top-flight bicycle skills. The exact words were,  “Daddy! It. Is. Not. Camera. Time!”

And I guess the complaint is warranted. In this age of digital photography, parents are able to just snap snap snap and disperse images of their pride and joys into the great internet hive for family, friends and likely a whole lot of people who really aren’t interested. We try to get so much documented and digital cameras really help enable that obsession. Then for my daughter(s), they get served not only another proud parent but also a shutterbug who will forget the car keys before they forget the camera. At one, two and three, she didn’t mind so much, but since we’ve crossed four I have more furled brows and blurred hands in front of the camera than anything. So lately I’ve started taking a few more daddy/daughter trips without the glass or at least on hands free strap and then ask her if I can take a picture. But not this evening. I just had to get some pics on her new bicycle 🙂

As for processing, this is the same exact technique from the last photo but I left out the split-toning and just went B&W. I’m really into this flat look but this one came out a little too flat so I brought up the highlights in Lightroom’s Tone Curve to amp up the late evening light falling on her left side.

2 thoughts on “Driving Kids Crazy With Cameras

  1. A real candid moment of life. I am enjoying this post process you have going on, reminds me of old photo album photos. Beautiful!
    Much Love
    Astra Wally

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