Hold One Thought

Youngest daughter on the back porch swing (technically the middle child by fifteen minutes).

The weather lately has been stellar and a good chunk of my weekend was spent with the girls in the backyard with a psychotic number of bubbles blowing, yard sprinklers whizzing, and playing “games” built on the basic tenets of anarchy. Good times.

As far as processing, this is again the same technique from a few of my later post where I have been intentionally clipping the histogram. I guess technically and theoretically, from what I understand, it’s almost the opposite of HDR. With the Levels mask, I manually set the white & black point with the arrow sliders, cinching them both in toward the center cutting out the darkest darks and brightest lights. The difference in this one was that I was able to pull it off in Lightroom this time. I didn’t realize the histogram panel has slider controls similar to the Levels mask in Photoshop. This ability saves me loads of time and I was able to save it as a preset for batch processing. To get the sepia toning in Lightroom I just toggled on Black & White mode in the Basic panel and then toned from the Split Toning panel. I’ve always loved the workflow of Lightroom but the processing capabilities are really growing on me.

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