Holding it All Together

Pictured above, the street alley side of the Riverside Building in Shreveport. Downtown Shreveport has the feel of a bigger city but crammed into just a few walkable blocks. Many of the buildings have some unique styles, something in between New Orleans and old New York but were all falling into desolation before a “Streetscape” project. Since then, it’s been a hot-spot for Hollywood films, the latest being W., Straw Dogs, Drive Angry and Battle: Los Angeles.

However, it was just a “Streetscape” project, merely glossing up the facades and dropping statues here and there. In other words, they make great background drops. When you get on the sides, like in picture above, they are a quilt of broken pipes, graffiti, security bars, chicken wire meshes, half-finished mortar patches, and conduit galore. It’s a shame really because there are some great buildings if they would care for more than one side.

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