Swinging Empty

Some lonely swings on a playground that I believe has been retired.  I came across it on the back end of a state park. I set out that day to work on some landscape photography but ended up getting hung up on this dying playground. The processing here is again the same technique as last and since I built it as a preset in Lightroom, this one was just a quick crop and a preset click.

3 thoughts on “Swinging Empty

  1. My eyes must be playing tricks on me because I could of swore I seen the swings slightly swaying back and forth. I like the post processing of the recent run of imaging, very classic, very cool.
    Much Love
    Astra Wally

    1. Thanks, Astra. While not ghostly in a haunted way, there was something surreal about this old playground in the woods especially when the swings would move slightly in the wind.

  2. Ours, here in our subdivision! They look like ours look on my early morning walks. Not so ghostly as forlorn for lack of children at that hour. Nice photo Bbrasseaux!

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