A splash of high sky

With the grey haze of winter lifted, it’s been difficult to stick to my daily regimen of monochrome so here is a splash of pure unprocessed color (well, save for a ND filter and a slight post-crop vignette). Pictured above is the succinctly named Lock & Dam #5, another place stumbled upon, in plain sight, a few miles down the road. I’ve only lived here a few years so there is an infectious sense of exploration I get from driving around these boondock roads. But every time I shoot a little stash place like this, I mention it to others, usually natives, and they say, “Oh, the —. You’ve never been there?,” as if I’ve been living in a basement for years. I wouldn’t have it any other way, though. Stumbling upon a place, without the multi-layered complexity of perception bias people too easily hand out, i.e. being told what you will find and what it will look like, is the best way to really see anything. Or as Walker Percy said when one encounters a place with the heft of a cultural expectation, “The harder he looks at it, the less he can see.”

Another note on the picture above, my favorite area of the place was the drive-in movie looking sign that read “Danger.” It was one of the main elements I was wanting to frame with clarity into the photograph. After downloading, I then noticed the little “LOL” someone signed into the rock on the foreground. Maybe “laughing (out loud) in the face of danger” would have been a wonderfully cliched title.



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