Red Revel

This one is the simple product of goofing off in PS. Pictured above is Red River District, a small stretch under the downtown bridge that was intended to be lined with restaurants, bars, and outside night entertainment with a nod towards the more artsy streetscapes of some French Quarter areas in New Orleans. It fizzled out and there is maybe one, two places still open under the bridge. Here it was punched up with temporary paint and street chalk for the Revel, the annual art festival. Most of the color on the ground has washed out by the time I arrived, given it a natural noisy color look no matter how I photographed it. In photoshop, I masked it with a series of saturation layers to really rev the color up. Then I duplicated and added a full gaussian blur, and then added a mask to that and blended the blur with a radial gradient. Once I brought it back into Lightroom, I did some color noise reducing, a tad more blur, and then an exposure gradient. This one was fun to finagle with but I wish I had stopped by earlier in the week when it was freshly dressed up.

2 thoughts on “Red Revel

  1. Excellent colours, very Wizard Of Oz. Such stark compared to your recent run of black and whites but still executed so well. Beautiful.
    Much Love
    Astra Wally

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