The calm before the sun

The picture is of the same lake bed, but one area where the water has returned some despite meager spring rains. Working with landscapes has been a nice break from the respirator required blight of urban decay exploring. It’s interesting to switch back in forth between the encounters—one day you are looking for the pristine, the unspoiled, something removed from the human stain as much as possible, and then another day you are out looking for the deepest human smear. This week, though, I plan on shifting to another gear and work on some night photography, something I’ve never really worked at in a meaningful manner.

As far as processing on this one, I followed the technique discussed in my last post but dropped the diffused step and used a series of tone curve masks focused on the midtones.

4 thoughts on “The calm before the sun

  1. I would like to see these trees, in person, just once…… This is beautiful.

    I have to switch it up in subject and technique with my art or I get too tight and too focused. Like your comment about switching it up, Bbrasseaux.

    1. Thanks, Leslie. My interest and focus constantly oscillate, for better or worse. I think it is also why I’ve taken to photography easy because allows an “along the way” approach.

    1. I’ve been at dusk once, and this one was about 45 minutes after dawn. This is a state park and since it has been drained (or lowered as they call it) they have been peculiar about their open hours. It hasn’t been open at night in a long time. I would love to get out here under a full moon.

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