Rose Art & the X-Ray Style

Downtown roses again but with bridge and casino. The title is a horrible play on the late Joe Strummer’s solo album of 99′. I’m excessively tired tonight and it was the first thing that popped in my head. I processed this with the Silver Efex plugin for Lightroom, starting with the High Structure preset and then used the control points to take down brightness in some areas and bring it up in others. And again I had to reduce noise quite a bit.

I will likely be slipping off the grid for a little while. When I started this hobby of photography I really didn’t have a workflow and outlet plan and have made my computer an utter mess with files scattered over 4 internal hard drives and 2 externals. I’ve experimented with several apps and have piles of trial softwares and plugins not doing anything but gumming up my memory and sending me annoying pop-ups and reminders. Furthermore, it’s time to move to W7 64-bit and drop this Vista headache. In short, here goes the long haul of blowing it all out and putting it back together with a coherent workflow.

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