Lost in the moss

It goes without saying that I’m currently hyper-focused on these cypress landscapes. Partial credit goes to the emerging season and rest is credited to what I posted a few days ago about facing a semi PC upgrade. I’ve been painstakingly working through my archives and making those difficult deletion decisions. As I move through each folder it takes only a nanosecond for me to get lost in the weeds, and the night is spent processing a photo instead of getting computer matters in order. My oldest daughter apparently suffers from the same syndrome. Every time she is sentenced to clean up the sprawling mess of her room, I check on her progress and find her in imaginary dialogues with a larger mess than beforehand.

The photo above was captured doing an about face from the area in the last post. This point has gained the most water return, but as you can see from the cypress trunks, it has about another three feet to go for normalcy. The melt of the heavy snow-filled winter from the neighbors up north will help, but I doubt it will reach its table this year. I’ve about sapped this place empty with photos and likely won’t return until there is enough water to get some good sunset photos.

As for processing, it follows the same avenue as the recent post of the same set. These are 3 exposures in a 0, 1, -1 bracket, and then merged to HDR in PS CS4. From CS4, I move from 32 bit to 16 bit and apply a series of tone curves for midtones, highlights and shadows. Once back into Lightroom, some tweaks with the Fill Light & Recovery sliders to flesh out the details and then some toning with greens and orange.

3 thoughts on “Lost in the moss

  1. Beautiful shot. I’ve had a look at your blog, and I love all your pictures. This composition is so peaceful, it makes me wish I was there. Fantastic colors and post-processing.

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