A Booze Bait and Switch

For starters, if it isn’t obvious, I was in a “uber processing” mood tonight. Pictured above is possibly an old cotton gin store, storage facility or repair shop. When I stumbled upon it, my sordidness was expecting (hoping) for something else. I read “gins” and “better sample and turnout” and thought maybe I had found an old rural gin house of the alcoholic type. After all, this area was an infamous stronghold for underground alcohol during one of the few prohibitions that was able to ever have any real influence in Louisiana. It turned out to be the other use of the word “gin,” for cotton. The inside was less remarkable, full of broken tractor and combine parts.

One thing unique was that I think I encountered the first, and maybe only, “guard” cat. When I was trying to shoot some of the old junk on the inside, I was stormed by a huge Siamese cat. It puffed up like cats do and ran in frantic sideward patterns toward me. I tried to grab a photo but in the viewfinder all I saw was an unfocused cat getting dangerously close. I walked away, turning my back to it, thinking the feline would retreat into the dark recess it sprang from and could resume the shoot. I turned around to see the cat still chasing me. I went ahead and let her/him win. I had already been disappointed by my findings. A possible bout with rabies wasn’t worth some photographs of rusted out farm gear.

As for processing, this was mainly processed using Color Efex and a variety of the software’s filters. I used the “Monday Morning Sepia” filter to achieve the smear look. I then toned it inside of Silver Efex and then did some touchups using Lighroom. I’ve done similar processes using Photoshop but it’s taken me 3x the time. For that, I’m totally recommending Color Efex for anyone looking to process with popular methods and save boatloads of time.

One thought on “A Booze Bait and Switch

  1. Excellent shot, especially seeing you were under pressure for a demon cat. I also would think drink when I see the word Gin, it’s just pure cruelty for it to be anything else. You find so many cool old buildings!
    Much Love
    Astra Wally

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