One of these doors is not like the other

Pictured above, upstairs hallway in the abandoned Hall Summit School located in the town of Hall Summit, population less than 500. This exploration and shoot was a long time coming but everything came together on Saturday. This was also my first non-solo exploration, having met up with a local photog I met through Flickr. We both had caught wind that the school was virtually unspoiled with no vandalism or graffiti. This made us both a little apprehensive about how locked down the place would be for that reason. I’ll flesh out the details as I work through and post the set, but the place delivered big time and without any confrontations. In fact, we caught some friendly waves from a neighbor while setting tripods up to capture the outside of the school.

I haven’t been able to pin down the exact time the school was built or opened. I read somewhere that it had closed in 1992, and then someone posted on that log that they had graduated from the school in 1996. Inside, we found a copy of the actual letter the school sent home to parents notifying them of the upcoming closure. The letter was dated 2002. The date surprised both of us because of the severe state of decay we found the school, especially the gymnasium. Without any information, I would have guessed the school had been abandoned no less than 30 years. Instead, it was a lesson on the destructive power of Louisiana’s brutal heat & humidity.

We shot the school from the inside out. My plan was to run this set on my blog from the outside in, but the inside just yielded much more interesting pictures and I’m anxious to work on them. However, not too long after I processed the above picture, my PC was crippled with a nasty virus. It’s actually the first real virus I’ve ever had. I was able to remove it, but it damaged some system files on its exit. Not happy.  Hopefully by Tuesday I’ll be back into the thick of things.

3 thoughts on “One of these doors is not like the other

  1. Great pic, it’s so rare to find an un-vandalised building that has been empty for any amount of time. I’m looking forward to the rest of the set.

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