For all the laughter left on the stairs

One of the more charming parts of Hall Summit Elementary were the wide staircases. I find the school staircase to always have a built-in sentimentality factor. It’s a space where kids get to open up for a few minutes between class changes. The schoolhouse harbors both good and bad memories for everyone I imagine, but I doubt there are many bad memories surrounding the staircase space, unless of course, someone had experienced a fall down the stairs.

I processed a black and white version of the same photo and I’m split between which one I prefer. When we made our way to this section of the school it was around 10:30am and the light was falling in great angles through the windows and holes in the school. This was another bracketed shot but I didn’t care for how the HDR photo was shaping out. I ended up taking the underexposed bracket and toned it using Lightroom and its luminance & saturation controls under its color tab.

8 thoughts on “For all the laughter left on the stairs

  1. I attended a school with a staircase like this. It was my favorite elementary school of the five I attended. I walked up stairs like this to go to the art room, one of my favorite places, before returning to my second grade class. It was also the school where the boys would let me play softball with them at recess. Nice photo.

  2. I spent many years roaming these halls and calling that place home. I attended Hall Summit School from my pre-K year until my junior year. The school was closed in 2001 and I graduated the next year. My grandparents, patents, and most of my family roamed these halls and graduated from HSHS. It truly breaks my heart to see this, but it’s such a beautiful photo. On the very last day of classes in 22001, I wrote a message on the second level chalk board in the room on the end “Mrs. T’s” class and I would love to see that again before the upper level becomes to dilipated to walk on. If you ever go back, could you please try to get this? A friend and I went back last year and I couldn’t stand it and had to leave. Thank you for such a beautiful image.

    1. Thanks for the comment! It’s a wonderful school albeit a bit sad about it’s ending. You really made my day by hearing about the place while it was alive. I have thought about making another visit and perhaps I could meet you there. I’m not from here so I don’t know much about the school but would really enjoy having someone queue me to the details. I only maybe made it halfway through the school the first time.

  3. That sounds wonderful. It’s good to see someone is interested and I’d love to share all that I know.

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