Inner Space Travel

Pictured above, one of the classrooms on the 2nd floor of Hall Summit Elementary.

One of my lingering thoughts after leaving this school was—why so much left behind? It’s not like the Louisiana school system is an overfed housecat. From the last survey I read, maybe two years ago, the state floundered around 49th in public school systems, receiving a D+ rating in school finance. I taught for five years and putting a plus sign on a grade of D was just a way of saying, “You wrote your name legibly on the essay with the correct date. Good show.” My point is that one would think some kind of use could have been made of the teacher desks, the chalkboards, the shelves, gymnasium equipment, tables, etc.

I understand why the uniforms still remain hung neatly in the lockerooms. There was no more use for them. There would not be any more Hall Summit Hornets. You would think that they would have been taken home at least, that the coaches would have wanted the kids to bring home their stuff.  At the end of the day, what was left behind tells a story of an unpleasant and unexpected ending. I imagine there was resistance to the closure, that teachers held hope that things would turn around. And then the ensuing defeat resulting in a hasty departure. In one room there were homework assignments written in a long, perfect cursive—a due date—with a smiley face drawn on the end.

As for processing, this one was a regular PS CS5 black and white. I used one B&W layer mask to set the initial tone, biased to a red filter. I then applied a vignette in PS so I could off-center it to the desk. Back in Lightroom I used the noise filter to smooth it out and then slapped on a border.

3 thoughts on “Inner Space Travel

  1. That is just plain strange. It is as though the people just vanished, then. I don’t see why the desks and such were not auctioned off or sold in like a school yard sale. Uniforms, too. What a waste. Nice photo….. life interrupted.

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