So here it is, the outside of Hall Summit School. To the far left, the quonset hut styled building is the gym, the main subject the school, and to the right are some add-ons. Not pictured to the right is a covered sidewalk extending to a house so suffocated with growth it wasn’t decipherable enough to include. The house on the far end is curious, pointing towards an era in which a schoolmaster lived next to a school. As I mentioned in a previous post, we photographed from the inside out. By the time we got to the outside we had been shooting for hours. We didn’t explore the attached house, and it’s definitely a place I want to return in retrospect. This will likely be the last Hall Summit photograph posted from this shoot. The odd & end stuff I will pump out to my Flickr account,  eventually posting a link. Overall, this has been my favorite “shoot” to date. For starters, not being alone in an abandoned building in the middle of Nowhereville was more enjoyable. Secondly, there was a wide range of subject matter and exposure challenges here. If anything, I learned a great deal about photography from this exploration.

Deciding on a finish for this photo was daunting. The landscape rendered a vibrant HDR, but it just didn’t gel with mood of all the previous ones I processed. For that reason, I subdued the color using the vibrance slider in Lightroom and then used a diffusing filter on the areas outside of the building to give it a dreamy touch.

4 thoughts on “Recess

  1. A great shot to finish the set, I prefer the B&W version on your Flickr, but then I am a sucker for B&W photography!

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