The Start of Birthday Season

In my early twenties there was mainly one frenetic, frequently traveling holiday season, running  from mid-November until the new year. Then Mardi Gras & Easter provided another quick run. All three of my kids birthdays are in the summer, and a good number of family & friends had similar breeding patterns. In effect, the “birthday season” now fills the gap from early spring to late summer. I don’t have any boys to compare and contrast with, but birthday parties for little girls from my experience are highly anticipated, unforgettable, epic events. The picture above was taken over the weekend at a birthday party for a friend’s little girl. This is an inflatable waterslide, and was surprisingly fast. The girls, all weighing maybe forty-pounds soaking wet, almost skipped like rocks when they hit the reservoir pool at the bottom.

On processing, I duplicated the image in PS and added a motion blur to match the angle of the slide on the duplication. With the duplication on the top layer, I masked through to the original below with a soft brush.

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