Some Breathing Room


Pictured above,  a long wheat field I pass every day between my work and oldest daughter’s daycare. Spring is nearing its green leafy ceiling, causing these fields to look awkwardly out of place with their amber fall tones. As I pass them every day, I tell myself to stop and capture before they are harvested and today I finally stopped. On the edge of the field, the shot, or at least what I imagined in my head beforehand, proved to be more difficult. Besides the fields, there isn’t anything else. Nothing else. No hills, no distant objects to include, and nothing in foreground but stems. I tried some mid-field zoom photos at large and small apertures, I tried getting into the field and even got on top of my SUV with a wide angled lens. In the end, I settled for a small aperture close-up.

The shot looks like something from a stock photo site, but after a hectic week at work, it beholds a more personal pleasure. All day I work in front of two enormous computer monitors. My login and logout synch with the time clock. It’s a place where one often emails or instant messages another person in a separate office several feet away. Computer language is the written and spoken word. I love my job and the coworkers are great, but at the end of the week I’m anxious to step away from the screens. And then, about a mile down the road, I drive through a stretch of country lined with wheat fields and not a fingerprint of civilization, much less a code driven machine. It’s an odd, daily juxtaposition.

For processing, I used a post-capture NDF to get the sky a little more blue and just added a vignette in Lightroom.

4 thoughts on “Some Breathing Room

  1. beautiful! really like the gold tones and the dof. You described my job exactly except I don’t live in such a beautiful place. Stumbled on your site from Kieran’s and am glad I did.. you have inspiring photos

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