No thanks, I’ll pass

When I was out taking pictures of the sunset from the previous post, I had to kill a little time so I wandered around the river bank for a while. This area has a mixture of natural and artificial levees. With the natural levees there is usually a thick of woods spanning maybe a sloping 50 yards until it meets the river. Pictured above is one of the more natural areas. I stopped and thought, ‘I wonder where that leads,” and realized that kind of line occurs right before a horror movie plot gets underway. No thanks.

For processing, the shot was taken at dusk so I bracket-shot it with an 0, 1, -1 EV. I then did the initial HDR tone map in Photoshop CS5. Next, I brought it into Silver Efex and started with the “Holga” emulating preset and then made some structure tweaks here and there.

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