Where it must converge

Yesterday’s photo outing misfortunes were wiped out with an excellent, and LONG outing with my friend and fellow photog, Dave. The day started off unseasonably cool and with a heavy overcast but as soon as we hit ground and started wandering the backside historical side of downtown Shreveport, the skies cleared and the temperature was perfect. We started at the truss bridge and worked through the nest of overpasses, loops and ramps at the front of Shreveport—one of the areas pictured above. Our main area of interest was an interesting hardware store and warehouse that was built in the 1920s and shutdown roughly 30 years ago. But it required crossing through a hobo camp which turned out to be one of the more interesting experiences I’ve had while exploring with the camera. The camp was friendly and a 70 year old hobo, Arkansas Bob, offered us malt-liquor in a can and gave us the historical scoop on the hardware building. It went from a bit unnerving to quite surreal. I’m tired though and will have to flesh out details with photos over the week.

As for processing, this was a bracketed shot merged first to Photoshop CS5.5. I then brought it into Silver Efex and applied a cyanotype-style effect. I’ve been do so many “warm” photos lately that I just felt the need to cool things off for a change. I made some minor structure tweaks and then finished it in Lightroom with some exposure gradients for lighting and slapped on a vignette.

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