Cajun Girl

I thought about saving this one for “Wordless Wednesday” but figured I might get a call from child services if I didn’t make a few notes. We had a crawfish boil today, and with two still in diapers, my wife has smartly learned to don on latex gloves. Anyone that has eaten crawfish knows that even after several hands washes and hours later, the spices can remain on fingers and dish-out surprising reminders.

My daughter shown here rarely turns her nose up at anything and is usually unperturbed by spicy food, a good trait to have living in a Cajun household. While my other two daughters are eating mac-n-cheese and chicken nuggets, she’s eating jambalaya and etouffee. But boiled crawfish is a step up in Cajun foods, so we weren’t advertising it to either of the twins. Said daughter, however, kept coming to the crawfish table and begging so we let her give it a go. She wolfed it down, demanded more, and roved around the table hitting up everyone for peeled crawfish tails. Genetically certified Cajun girl.

As for processing, this is a split-tone preset I made in Lightroom that I use often for images involving children, a preset steeped toward both a vintage feel and skin tone. The split-tone is a cross between a zombie green tone and a more mauve, pinkish color. Global saturation is dropped by about 20, and then a medium contrast tone curve is applied.

5 thoughts on “Cajun Girl

  1. Hey Brandon, I really like the processing on this. Can you be a bit more specific about the hue and saturation settings you use for this preset in lightroom? And I have to admit that your daughter is clearly tougher than me – I’m a wimp when it comes to spices.

    1. No problem, Mike. In the Split-Toning panel, the first tone value is a green: Hue 58 @ 65 on saturation slider, and then a purple: Hue 320 @ 24. Then on the Basic panel, I set saturation to -30 and vibrance to -5. Then a medium-contrast curve on the Tone Curve panel. That’s my preset to start. Then for “eyeing” stuff, I use the Region sliders on the Tone Curve to smooth & tweak things out. I then make slight tweaks on individual colors (usually blue & yellow) in the HSL/Color/B&W panel (usually done just to the Luminance). Hope that helps.

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