Take it Up to Room 21

Pictured above is the Arlington Motel or the Martin Hotel. It’s been abandoned several decades now and to the left was a thriving artist loft that was demolished roughly 6 years ago. Homeless have resided in the hotel for quite some time, but it was sealed up tight recently from what I can tell. Much of the historical buildings on this backstretch were built at the turn of the century, this one dating to 1890. It’s reported that one old lady owns this hotel as well as a Zion Temple and old grocery store but refuses to sell. There is currently an expropriation lawsuit filed by the city to take them back. These are all minimal and vague details that took me too long to uncover which surprises me for a 120 year old building that was obviously once prominent when this area teemed with people.

When we were roving this side of the city, I had this place marked but by the time we made it there, the light wasn’t in a favorable spot. I haven’t been happy with any of the color processes from the different angles so this is one I will have to revisit.

As for processing, I did this one in Silver Efex with an orange filter setting and biased on the structure slider. I then made some brightening tweaks to the front here and there to take some off the shadow that was crossing about mid-facade.

5 thoughts on “Take it Up to Room 21

  1. Great shot, I love the editing you’ve done with SilverEfex, the detail i s amazing. It’s such a shame when an old building like this gets left to decay. At least when the homeless where there it was getting used!

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