Remains of an old Joseph Goder incinerator on the side of an abandoned Salvation Army building. From what I read, these were made during the 60s and were used to burn waste, and most often, medical waste. While the radioactive symbol looking vents on the front are likely coincidence, they supposedly stopped making these and using them because they basically leaked out the toxic burn off. Perhaps that’s what the black sooty looking stuff is around the plates. Of course, this is information I gathered after stepping into the small building nook to take the photo. I’m starting to think I really need to add a respirator to my gear bag.

As for processing, this is the -2 EV of a bracketed photo. I really liked the underexposed look and how it smoothed some areas with shadows while retaining some of the textures. In Lightroom, I desaturated a tad and lowered the vibrance a tad. I then used two exposure gradients to work the lighting.

4 thoughts on “Radioactive

  1. My father in law was Richard Goder who was the son of Joesph,some of the other installations were Chicago schools,hospitals,banks and I think Bergoff restraunt. and some private homes in Skokie.I would love to see more pictures of these incinerators.It was sold to Heston the early seventies.

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