Born in sin, come on in

I usually take a majority of my photographs on weekends, so lately Fridays have been a “sweep up shop” time. While running through some folders, I forgot about the few additional photos I took at the Ellerbe Road School the other week, the Friday the 13th outing in which a kingsnake nicely took care of a copperhead snake lurking in the grass a few feet from me. I figured I should post at least one to recoup at least something from that freaky outing.

The pictured area above is the main hallway of the first section of the school, bisecting roughly twenty classrooms. This one was taken right at the door threshold. I think it is pretty obvious why I didn’t venture in much further. As I pointed out before, Ellerbe Road School is literally covered in graffiti and most of it is juvenile or what you see written on bathroom stalls. Occasionally, there would be something thought out, something clever or provocative as in this area with the big “Born into sin, come on in” quote from the Stephen King screenplay & movie, Storm of the Century. When one walks up to those doors and looks in, it is perfectly placed in direct eye contact.

On a side note, I found a little more out about this place. It still stands because it is full of asbestos (yeah, that stuff falling through the hallway ceiling). To demolish the school, someone would need to come in and dispose of the asbestos properly and the state won’t fund the undertaking. Brilliant. I guess they figure the stuff is already properly disposed out in a pasture where cattle graze. So it goes.

As for processing,  I wanted to stay away from a super high contrast outcome, so when processing the HDR image, I subdued most of the surrounding contrast. In Lightroom, I lowered the exposure a few notches and then in Color Efex I used the Brilliance/Warmth filter to give it a sort of color burn look.

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