Seek Shelter From the Storm

Circling through the photoblogs I follow, panoramic photography has been a recent subject and brought to my attention how little I’ve worked with the technique. I usually account for one panoramic when I’m out taking photos, but rarely ever stitch them together. Pictured above is a pano I took of the Ellerbe Road School about two weeks ago.

As for processing, I first worked with Hugin but wasn’t satisfied with the results. This was a 9 image handheld stitch and I don’t think the Hugin software liked the overlapping I did. I gave photomerge in CS5.5 Photoshop and liked the turnout better. Once I stitched it together, I did a bleach bypass in Color Efex, and then a NDF emulation to darken the approaching storm.

2 thoughts on “Seek Shelter From the Storm

  1. Nice pano Brandon. I like the symmetry of the line of grass and the line of the shelter. I agree that Hugin is sometimes not up to the task. It’s a bit inconsistent. Some subjects simply work better than others.

  2. As I follow you, Bbrasseaux, I am becoming ever mindful of what we leave behind in waste. Thank you for telling it like it is. Your photography speaks volumes.

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