Danger, Mad Heron is a Go

I found this guy at the lock today and he was cracking me up. He would perch where pictured above and crouch in this aerodynamic position to dry his wings but as soon as another pelican, egret or heron would land on HIS lock divider, he would dive-bomb the bird. When it was another heron, they would engage in one of those bird fights where they spread themselves out and, from what I can tell, cha-cha dance at each other until one gives up.  But this mad heron had the skills, and was champ the entire time I was there.

As for processing, this one required a good cleanup on noise. My zoom lens doesn’t perform all that well at the full 300mm and there were about 25 mph winds to boot. Instead of just using straight noise reduction, I turned down the tones down in Color Efex using Tonal Contrast and then used the local adjustments to remove the application from the areas of the sign & heron. This really helped smooth out the image, fix a little noise, and add a little depth to the image. Then in Lightroom I reduced the noise on both the luminosity and color components.

One thought on “Danger, Mad Heron is a Go

  1. Nice shot, I love crazy birds like this! I have the same problem with my zoom lens, very thankful for PS! I’ll try this technique with colour efex at some point, cheers for the tips.

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