Hey, Bale!

A month ago, maybe two months ago, I mentioned I wanted work on more landscapes, structure, wider-angle type stuff. And that I did, spending a good amount of time in the city, some lakes and a ton of urban exploring. But I’ve noticed I’ve gotten into a habit of planning out areas to photograph instead of planning out ways of photographing those scenes. I’ve gone with the grain on subjects, focusing more on pulling out a decent photograph than trying on more experimental styles to see what might be pulled out. The above photograph was taken a few days ago. It’s hay bailing season around here and I’ve been searching out fields for that super hay bale photo. I found myself quickly dismissing fields because something wasn’t right. The sky was flat, the hay bales were ragged, too much brown, land is too flat, etc. Much of this is because lately I’ve gotten into the habit of looking large and far (which was my intent a while back). So for the next leg, I’m going to work on looking closer, smaller, abstract, unapparent, etc.

As for processing, I cleaned up the clarity and did preliminary adjustments in Lightroom and then used a Color Efex cross-processing filter. Something about the hay bale and rural backdrop prompted me to give it a more vintage finish, a finish I need little excuse for however. I had never checked out the cross-processing filters in Color Efex, choosing to do them manually in Lightroom or Photoshop, but I was impressed with the stock library available. Quick scrolls can give you a ton of different looks.

4 thoughts on “Hey, Bale!

  1. Excellent shot, my eye keeps expecting the bale to run off down the hill. I also really like the processing, I think it really makes the image pop.
    Excellent stuff
    Astra Wally

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