Someone lost a beard piece

While I promised new composition types in my last post, I didn’t say anything about different subjects :). Photographed here is some Spanish moss that had fell from a tree and was caught on the corner of a sign post. Obviously, I need little excuse to photograph the moss, but here I liked the tangled mat next to the square post.

I also picked a good time to move away from landscapes and cityscapes. The long hot summer has set in and the haze has already taken away distant visibility. It does allow for some fuller sunsets.

As for processing, this one required little. I had to vertically straighten the photo a tad and then took the orange color luminance down a few notches in Lightroom. I then used the exposure brush in Lightroom to darken the bottom a little.

3 thoughts on “Someone lost a beard piece

  1. Excellent composition and mix of texture. The flat and the plain interrupted by the squiggly and disheveled. Beautiful
    I also really like the colours, a wonderful purple green
    Excellent work
    Astra Wally

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