Radioactive Visitor

While waiting for the sun to set at the lock & dam yesterday, I sat at a concrete picnic table and this little guy was trying to intimidate me or at least that is what it seemed. He would pop out from under the tabletop and perch for a few seconds, and then scurry back underneath. Each time he would pop out a little closer to me. The sun was at my back and falling right onto the edge so I was able to get a decent photo of him with is radioactive fangs. Of course, I didn’t see them in camera and it was neat surprise once I got it up on the monitor.

As for processing, I adjusted the white balance some in Lightroom to cool it off a little and then used two exposure gradients to add some luminance around the spider, which in turn, fleshed out a little more detail.

5 thoughts on “Radioactive Visitor

  1. Cheeky fellow. Send him my way if you see him again and I’ll take some nice portrait shots of him :p

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