Swing low and languid

I wish I had a good explanatory blurb on the above picture, but I’m not really sure what these are. This was taken at the lock & dam down the road. These hangman bobbers are on the dam side. My guess is that they are staggered markers for water height. The lock & dam has become one of my favorite spots for the rich diversity of photo opportunities. There is the long sweeping structure for landscapes, the teeming water bird life, waterfall, people fishing, stony banks (with snakes warming on rocks!), etc. But today I noticed these rope-thingamabobs for the first time. There was a steady gust coming up from the southwest and besides swinging these back and forth, it caused a steady spray that muted the background nicely.

As for processing, I took it into Color Efex and used the tonal contrast filter to sharpen the nearest blocks. I brought it back into Lightroom and warmed the image slightly, brightened the orange color a tad,  and applied a exposure gradient diagonally to lighten the center.

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